Kunci Gitar Rock On The Beat By Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Bondan & Fade 2 Black

Santoz: Hey People.. Whatzup?!
This is Bondan Prakoso and Fade2Black.. representin’
now.. you check this out.. yo Titz, hit the beat!


Santoz: I Represe’ent. my name is Santoz.
I rock on the mic with Bondan P aRe O.
What a big deal), terserah kau ucap apa..
tak banyak yang kau bisa karna aku punya karya.


Lezz: Its time to me, my name Lezzano.
I Rock on the mic with T.I.T.O. Mono, stereo,
I Fuck the beat, Ow!! yo.. yo.. yo.. its time to go.. Aww!!..


Santoz&Lezz: Yes.. yes.. ya’ll..
we Rock On The Beat. My brother Bondan in it..(in it).
Yes.. yes.. ya’ll.. it’s da rhyme in spit.
My man Tito, Beat maker Shit!!

Am G F
Mr. B: Words are floating in the air.
With the tone burns like a flare. Bring the challenge

E G#dim7
to the top. Yeah we gonna rock the world and we won’t stop!

Am G F E

This is a song for the downhearted..
and you don’t have to worry.. coz we’re gonna rock
the world!!

Santoz: Yo ladies and gentlemen. Bondan.. Hit it!!


Mr. B solo


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